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My free printable policy :

I am delighted to have the opportunity to offer my viewers free printable’s !  THEY ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY . I am more then happy for you to use them in your art projects , planners , as pictures and home décor .   Please DO NOT resell them , profit in anyway from them or Claim them as your own .  Please don’t feature these printable’s on your blog or site without my prior consent.   If this section has not answered your question please email me at  .



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All images on are my personal photography unless otherwise stated.

Occasionally I may use a photo from a site such a  If this is the case I will make it obvious at the bottom of the post.  If you have any issues at all with the images I’m posting, please let me know, as I don’t want to upset anybody and I will remove it as soon as possible, providing you have a valid reason.

You may not use my pictures as your own. Do not reprint or publish the pictures without my prior consent. You do have my permission to share them via social media (e.g. Pinterest , Instagram , Facebook …) as long as all credit is given to Pumpkins and Planners .

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Please note I have paid with my own money for all items , unless otherwise  stated at the “disclaimer” section of my blog posts . 


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Due to the high amount of spam messages I was receiving everyday , I had to install a comment management service called “Disquis ” . When you make a comment on my blog this service requires you to enter your email address and name to confirm you are not a robot/spammer .      I have found Disquis to be very fair with their advertisments and emails . I believe you can chose not to receive any  emails from them if you prefer .     I am not sponsored to use them on this site and would rather I didn’t have to altogether , but unfortunately spam is a huge issue .  I am not responsible for Disquis’s pratices , nor do I control their email system .

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