College field trip – Warner Brothers Studios, Watford, UK – Pumpkins and Planners


GUYS ?  GUYS?   I went on a field trip 😱   No time for introductions to this post!  I need to tell you about my trip Warner Brother studios ! *Hyperventilates*

Last week, my college went on a field trip to Warner Brothers here in the UK.  Now as you all know I’m an ICT student, so the purpose of our visit was to look at the technology systems and multimedia used to run the studio specifically in the Harry Potter part.

I’m not actually the biggest HP fan so I was more interested in the filmmaking process and creative side of it all – however I still really enjoyed the tour!   Lots of pictures to follow!


There were loads of amazing things to see during the tour, including outfits warn in the films, props, cardboard models, special effects, SFX makeup and so much more!

I found the art department absolutely fascinating.   You could see the drawings which the concept artists and illustrators had created, then follow the journey through to see how each piece became ‘real’.  The effort which is put into every detail is breathtaking.

Another amazing set is the full size ‘Diagon Alley’ street!   The shops all have real things inside them and it feels like a real street.  Everything is full size and the floor is even made of cobbles (more on this later)!

My favourite sets overall though were Platfrom 9 3/4 and the Forbidden forest.  I loved these two because of how authentic they felt!  The forest was quite scary which was fun ( They have spiders falling  from the ceiling and flashing lightning strikes!).  The train station was big and overall amazingly similar to Kings Cross in London!


At platform 9 3/4 I had the opportunity to pose with the luggage trolly!  I did it in a rather unconventional way given that I was in my wheelchair.     Maybe I’m going to Hogwarts backwards in a wheelchair XD


Accessiblity –

Now a big factor I wanted to talk about is whether or not I found Harry Potter studios to be accessible.   As you saw above I used my wheelchair all day to avoid overexerting myself due to the medical condition I have which you can read more about here.   Throughout the day my friends were always super willing to give me a hand (thanks you fabulous peeps!), but for some of the time I pushed myself.   Below I will honestly give my opinion of how I found the studio tour to be from a wheelchair users point of view.

Overall the tour was excellent.  There are smooth floors which are pretty easy to wheel on throughout around 90% of the tour.  I saw no steps anywhere and everything has ramps taking you up and down which is brillant, so you always get as good of a view from the perspective of your wheelchair as a standing person.     The only difficulties I encountered were in Diagon alley, given that the floor is made of cobble stone and wheelchairs don’t like it at all!   I had to get my friends asstance in this part of the tour and even they were struggling with the front wheels of the chair going down the gaps.  Obviously the flooring is one of the amazing things about this set, however it’s worth noting that it can be troublesome.     The other area I found hard to push myself on was in the car park prior to entering the Harry Potter building because there are many curbs to navigate and some of them are a little steep.     Again, my friends were there to help me and so I am very grateful to them for that.



So that’s an overview of my experience at Warner Brother studios.  So many other things happened on the day, including a special lecture which I and my classmates got to attend, but I can’t fit all the details in one post! XD Some secrets are best kept at Warner Brothers 😉


If you enjoyed this post or have any questions about my field trip make sure you leave me a comment below!   I’ll always answer.


Until next time guys!



Disclaimer:   I was not sponsored to do this post.  All opinions are my own and don’t represent those of Warner Brothers or the college I attend.   Pictures are my own, other then a couple which my friends gave me permission to use.  Thanks to those guys!  You know who you are 😉

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