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Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently!  I have had a lot more homework then previously and as a result I’ve had to push blogging to the side for a while.  Anyway, I’mback now and I have been busy reading “Ready to fall by Marcella Pixley” – today I thought I’d give it a quick review and let you know about the competition I’m running!


Ready to fall by Marcella Pixley 

My rating – 3 stars out of 5




What’s it about?

Following the death of his mum, a young lad named Max Friedman comes to believe that he too is sharing his body with an illness as she did.   He becomes increasingly preoccupied with this unwelcome guest and begins losing touch with real life.   Max’s fathers response to this is to send him off to school where he hopes he’ll make new friends and get busy within a new crowd…

This plan works for a few weeks, but soon it starts to wear off as Max discovers the world is not all it seems…  His new ‘friends’ aren’t a simple story themselves.


My review:


This book for me is a very mixed bag!  It has taken me some time to gather my thoughts together and figure out what I think of this story.    Overall, I found it okay.   It had elements of interest and at times I was hooked, but as you know with my reviews I believe in being blatantly honest with you – it sadly just wasn’t my favourite book.


I went into reading it positively because I had been told it was being marketed as the next ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ – so I knew I had to try it.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t quite live up to my hopes.


The protagonist – Max, seems reasonable enough.  I liked that you could grow insight into his character right from the beginning of the story since its starts with him being a small child and enjoyed hearing his thoughts and emotions.   I found his view of illness somewhat limited right from the start of the book and this made me feel like I was straining to like him, which is not great for a story you’re meant to fall in love with.   Anyway, I didn’t want to allow my dislike of the main character to prevent me enjoying the story so I tried to put that behind me and did admittedly enjoy most of the scenes with the girl named ‘Fish’, who seems like a very spunky fun individual.


I felt like the story was more of a passive read – what I mean by this is it wasn’t something I had to give my full attention to.  I could kind of skim read, unlike TFIOS in which I carefully take in every page and couldn’t skip any sections if I wanted to.   I feel like it would be the perfect audio book – but honestly as a ‘sit-down-read-kind-of-book’ I don’t love it.    I have limited time to spend reading and I’d rather spend it on something absolutely gripping.


Many have said that they think the way this author expresses grief from the perspective of a teenager is very relatable.  I can see why they have said this and I definitely think some elements are absolutely  accurate – however, I find other authors to have been more detailed.   This book is rather widely targeted with very little depth and I’m not really one for that.  I like to be hit hard by a message or a thought from a book and this one just didn’t do that for me.


Something I love about the book are the front cover graphics !  I think they feature a really interesting design and are definitely eye-catching!


So overall I rate it at a 3 out of 5 star.   If you’re looking for something to read or maybe listen to whilst on a journey I do recommend it, but if you’re going to be reading it over other books on your list I wouldn’t honestly recommend it.

So with all that said, would you like to receive a free copy to decide what you think for yourself?  Check out my Instagram post to find out more information!

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Disclaimer:  I was sponsored to create this post by Pushkin Childrens Books.    Thank you very much for sending me the two copies of this book for blogging purposes.   Special thanks to Mollie for reaching out.