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Today’s post is one I have been debating writing for a while.    I don’t know about you, but I hate ten minutes before having to the leave house – running around throwing items in your rucksack and trying frantically to remember all the things you need for your upcoming college day.    It doesn’t help you feel calm or in control of the day ahead at all and most of the time you can guarantee you’ll forget a key item that you can’t make it through the day without – which just stresses you out!

Why not instead of stressing, take a couple of quick and simple steps on a Saturday or Sunday, to set up your week for success?   Doing this will not only be beneficial to you as a student, but if you have all the right tools and equipment when you arrive each morning you will be able to save time ‘improvising’ or trying to find a friend with a calculator, theoretically helping your grades!      Not to mention if  you are a chronically ill person (like myself) or have a disability, being prepared will assist your energy levels and allow you to apply yourself fully during the day.    So with all these benefits if taking half an hour over your week to follow a couple of simple steps – what are the steps?


1.  Grab your outfits for the week ahead – This tip is invaluable and many of my friends have tried it, following my recommendation.  They say it’s helped them enormously to be on time each morning and to make sure they have everything they need!     For me, I go to college the first three days of each week.  So I tend to only get out three outfits on a Sunday afternoon.  However, if you go to college/uni/school five days, then feel free to grab five outfits!       I also, along with getting out all the elements of my outfit, like to put my college ID card onto the hanger of the first outfit I’ll be wearing, and grab some jewellery!



2.  Pack you bag the night before –  Boring I know, but on Sunday night I like to grab all the basics that I know I’ll in my bag.    Things like calculators, pens, paper, binders, makeup bags, etc…   That way each morning all I have to do is throw my technology, a lippie and my lunch into my bag – Then I’m ready to go!  Take two seconds to pack you bag and you’ll save so much time!

Hands working on laptop.

3.   Wash your hair –  For people with longer hair, it’s a pain in the neck to wash and dry it when you’ve got time, let alone when you’re trying to get out of the door.   Wash your hair the night before and then you don’t have to do it in the morning!  Also you could always leave a no heat style in overnight for perfect curls the next morning.


4.  Run through your diary –  Check your plans for the week, figure out when you’re going to publish on social media or your blog,  making sure you’ve remembered all of your appointments.  Small things like this help so much in making your week run smoothly!


Bonus tip!  For disabled or chronically ill students, why not keep an emergency kit in your bag, with extra meds and anything else you need – to make sure that even if you forget to put them in , you always have some spare?   This has saved me so many times!


Did these tips help you?  Let me know!  What posts do you want to see in the future on my blog?

Have a very organised week!



*Disclaimer:  I was not sponsored to write this post. All thoughts are my own.*

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