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Hey planner friends,


When you’ve gotten sucked into the vortex of washi tape, stickers and stationery on Pinterest, it can be ‘oh so tempting’ to want to buy *all the planner supplies!*  However, in my experience, the more expensive the sticker or tape – the less you want to use it because you don’t want to run out… This obviously totally defeats the purpose of using your planner  to help you stay organised and just causes you to hoard planner supplies in your ‘draw’o’goodness’ that never get used up!

I hope to show you in this post, that you can plan on a budget and still get those Pinterest aesthetics.   Now, you’ll have to forgive me – the great British weather was not on my side when I was trying to take these pictures. I tried on three different occasions to achieve good lighting and in the end settled with these!


The vibe –

The vibe I’m trying to achieve is something like that above.   If you’ve ever seen my Pinterest account, you’ll know it looks something like this.  Now it’s time to translate this ‘blogger happiness’ into a working reality – Lets give it a go!

So first of all –


Oh what a glorious creation!   But Etsy can be rather expensive, particularly as many of the tapes have to be imported from America.    My answer?   Try shopping at The Range!  (AKA the English version of Target) My local store usually has a box hidden somewhere on the bottom shelf of the craft section which is literally full of washi tape!    Thick, thin, glitter, rainbow – you name it, you will find it in this amazing box of joy!    Normally the tapes are £1.00 each – pretty good considering in TKmaxx I once bought 3 for £6.00!   Bit of a price difference there!

Stickers –


An essential for any planner addict – yet surprisingly difficult to source cheaply!    Walk into WHSmith and you can easily spend £3.00 or more on a single sheet of stickers, only to get them home and find that they rip when you try to peel them!    Personally, if I’m going to spend that much on a pack of stickers I at least require them to stay whole on transition from sheet to page!   So I tested, and tested and tested and tested… Every sticker pack I could find… I now have a list of great places to buy cheap stickers for you guys:

The Range – This shop is so full of planner goodness – I can’t deal with it!  Similarly to the washi tape incident, The Range stocks a great small selection of stickers which are perfect for your planner needs.   They are normally on offer, £2.00 for two sheets.

Poundland –  As you may of gathered, everything in this store is a pound!  Including the stickers, which happen to be pretty good.   They aren’t the best quality, I’m not going to lie, but actually for quick everyday projects – I have no issue with them!  They are usually really cute 🙂  They don’t need to be strong after all unless your planing on dropping your planner in a puddle!

Etsy –  Although you have to be very careful on here about import taxes (because it’s really expensive to import anything from other countries to the UK!) I have found a couple of great stores over the years that are very good at keeping packages small to avoid customs issues.

The top one I recommend is the lovely April Olander Designs, who very kindly sent me a sticker sheet to show on this post.   She does international shipping and sends literally the cutest packages ever!   If you are looking for a nice sheet of stickers that are well made and properly sticky I recommend hers!   SHE EVEN DOES COFFEE MUG STICKERS AND PAPERCLIPS!   This announcement goes to all those who live in the UK and cannot get hold of coffee planner stickers – your struggle is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!    This is not a drill!

Sticky notes-

Sticky notes are my life.   I use about a gazillion a year and therefore require a job lot!    3M sticky notes are lovely, but SO pricey – therefore I use the cheaper alternatives.   Home Bargains always have a great selection so I suggest looking there!


Hopefully this post has given you some insight into how I plan on a budget !  I never spend more then £1.00 on planner supplies and still manage to get some really good layouts!    What are your favourite stores to buy planner goods?


See you next post!



*This post is partly sponsored by April Orlander Designs who very kindly sent me the sheet of stickers shown above to sample and show here on this post.   Go check out her Etsy store and social media which can be found by clicking here.



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