January favourites! College edition – Pumpkins and Planners

Hey guys,

Welcome back to another January 2018 blog post here on www.pumpkinsandplanners.co.uk!  I hope you’re having a productive and inspiring day today!

So, as you all know – I’m a girl of many bags, creams, makeup products and nail polishes.  I assure you today is no exception!  Lets get right into what my favourites are this month:


First of all, I’ll start by talking about these fabulous body butters from NSPA which I was recently gifted by a friend that knows me all too well!     These came in a four pack (the other flavours being clementine and coconut) and they smell like fresh fruit!!   I am obsessed with these – I keep one in my bag and one in my room at all times!

My second favourite this month is this Sleek Makeup highlighter palette which I’m really very impressed with.  The gold packaging reminds me of the ‘Dior’ makeup range (at a fraction of the price! ) and the product itself is very well pigmented.  I wear this most days and really love the effect it has –  Its just the right shades for pale skin!

Next up, I’m totally loving this W7 ‘Beat it’ eyeshadow palette.   Again, if you haven’t noticed – I’m obsessed with gold and bronze packaging!!!  I got this at a discount makeup store for only £5.99 which I’m absolutely chuffed with.

The colours in this palette are gorgeous pinky hues as you can see.  I love wearing pink and gold because I feel like it really compliments the shade of my eyes and warms my face up.  I find wearing makeup with a chronic illness a bit of a challenge because being tired (the key symptom of M.E.) tends to drain the colour from your face make you look somewhat like a panda (black eyed!).    It can be hard to find a colour that suits you of eyeshadow, blusher, etc… so when you do you want to stick with it!    So I will be able to use all the colours in this palette which I’m delighted about.


Some of my other favourites which I didn’t feel deserved a whole photo and paragraph each were:


  • Sleek Makeup Barekissed illuminator
  • Baby lips
  • Maxfactor eyeliner (great for a ‘smudgy effect’)
  • Home Bargains gold glitter handbag mirror

Okay, so before this post becomes too long or rambling I will ‘call it a day’ (such a British expression!).   Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a quick look at some of my favourite products. If you’d like to see another favourites post next month or some other post let me now!    Send me an email at pumpkinsandplanners@gmail.com or leave me a comment down below !


Have a organised and motivated week!


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