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Hey guys,

Happy December!   It’s official winter – My favourite time of year!   Now that the nights are rolling in and early starts are growing increasingly harder, I thought it would be the ideal time to start blogging about college!


Below are few of my suggestions as to how you can get involved at college!  Please remember that each college works a little differently, these are only a few ideas – I’m sure you can think of more!

  • Become a course representative!

(Or join a similar scheme at your college)

I didn’t realise but even as a chronic illness sufferer, it’s still possible to be a course rep.   I was worried that I would be required to attend college extra  hours or do more then I currently do – I was surprised to find out that neither or those things were required.    In my class, we have our main course rep and then we have me, my job is to shadow my course rep.   This allows me to have the job of course rep, but not to have the full responsibility of attendance of meetings, etc…    It also allows you to have a hand in helping others in your class to cope – even if that means just letting someone shy eat lunch with you or giving someone who’s confused with an assignment a helping hand!

  • Join a club!

Ask your student advisor about joining a club!   It can be about anything from YA reading to a foreign language group – this is a good way to make more friends and feel a part of something other then your studies !

  • Make a club!

If your college doesn’t have any clubs that appeal to you – why not make your own! Gather up some friends and make a group – invite others to join it!  Go for it!

  • Go and talk to those sitting on their own!

This is something that I’ve done in the past, it does require a lot of bravery to approach someone you’ve never met before – but I promise it nearly always works out well.    I’ve made so many friends by asking if I can sit next to them at lunch time and it has been so worth it.   Obviously use good judgment here.   Some people may be better to approach then others (i.e. don’t talk to someone if they’re clearly busy or using the phone).

  • Help someone with their homework!

Whether you’re a course rep or just a student that knows roughly what they’re doing – make yourself useful!     Offer to do small tasks like email a fellow classmate with a reminder of an upcoming exam or answer someones questions for those who are a little confused.   Doing things like this massively ease the teachers workload and help make the college day run a little smoother.   Remember though, it’s each students job to make sure that they do their own work, so don’t give all the answers.  Help them, but don’t do it for them.     : )


There you have it!  My top tips – whats yours?


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DISCLAIMER –  Images from www.pixabay.com.   I was not sponsored to do this post.   All thoughts my own.