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Hey everyone,


So it’s that fantastic time of year!   Winter Starbuck drinks are finally out and as such, I thought it would only be apt to do a post about my latest visit!


I’m one of those very fortuante people that has a Starbucks on campus at college, therefore the moment I saw the signs go out for the new flavour Starbucks drinks I knew just where I’d end up going!     So I rounded up some mates and off we went to the land-of-good-coffee…


Here is friend number 1, modeling the Starbucks hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.   Friend number 1’s review of this drink was ‘possibly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had.’.  So by that I have to presume it was good!


This is friend number 2,  she had a standard cappuccino. 🙂  It had been a long day at that point, so this was friend numbers 2’s study fuel!   I have also just got make a comment on her gorgeous bobble hat which I am very jealous of… It is for sure the best bobble hat on campus!


Then theres me!   I had a Toffee Nut Latte from the Starbucks winter menu… It was delicious and I’ve gone on to have several more of them since!   They’re really tasty and warming at the same time as giving you an ideal energy boost!  I highly recommend this drink!



An overview of my Toffee Nut latte and the tasty nutty sprinkle topping.


Of course I also had to feature the pretty illustrated cup which is a work of art in itself!


So that was how our little trip to Starbucks looked!   Be sure to leave me a comment down below with what you’re favourite Starbucks drink is and let me know what posts you’d like to see in the future!


Happy November!



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DISCLAIMER:  I was not in anyway sponsored to do this post.   All drinks were purchased with our own money.    Thanks to my friends for their awesome modelling!