How to organise your college routine – Pumpkins and Planners

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 How to organise your college routine – Pumpkins and planners 


  • Figure out your timetable BEFORE writing it in! –


So I did this a couple of years ago.  I wrote my tutors office hours and lesson times straight into my planner as soon as I received them, thinking I was being super organised.  Needless to say my tutor changed her hours less than two weeks later and as a result my diary soon became a mess of changed times and scribbles.  I had to live with that mess all year and I didn’t enjoy it!  Save yourself the pain – wait a couple of weeks before writing the information in your planner, just so that you can check its correct!


  • Write down what homework you have been assigned as soon as you are assigned it.  

Please, please don’t try committing it to memory!  So many of the students in my class don’t write things down and they end up doing the work incorrectly or forgetting it entirely!   I suggest writing any important information about the homework straight down into your planner or on a sticky note as soon as you are assigned the work,  after class make a list of all of the homework you’ve received throughout the day in your planner and then do awesome homework!  It really doesn’t take much time or effort to stay on track.



  • Get ahead of yourself if you can –

If you can do all your homework as soon as possible after receiving it, Don’t put it off.   Try to do everything that’s made available to you – I did this in my first week at college earlier in September, basically,  My tutor uploads quite a few lessons in advance onto the online classroom facility we use and because of this, I decided to carry on working even though I’d already done the required work for that week.  Because of this I did my next two weeks worth of work!   You may not realise, but It  actually takes a lot longer to do work in class then it does to work at your own pace, so try and get it all done if you can!  That way if your are ill like I was straight after (I caught a cold), you don’t have to worry about not being able to take it all in whilst in class, you’re already caught up!



  • Give yourself enough time.

Along with the point above, please don’t over do it.  It’s great to be caught up on your work, but your health is more important.  If you have a large workload or a chronic illness it may not be a good idea to push yourself too much – this is fine!   Don’t feel pressured into doing more the you are capable off.   Even if you can set the goal of doing one more assignment extra a week, that will be a huge help for you, but before trying to get ahead of yourself, make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy.


  • Make notes / Review them! 

So many of my fellow classmates don’t make notes, or if they do, they simply take them home to loose them in a pile of paperwork or hide them in the deepest darkest crevice of the computer.   If you’re going to go to the effort making the notes, you should probably take the time to file them safely, somewhere where you will remember!  This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a box or a binder will be fine, simply keep them stored in one place.  Another tip, reread through your notes as frequently as possible!  If you do this (just five minutes a day) you will save yourself so much time closer to your exams!   I personally like to print off my notes if I make them online whilst at college, as then at least if anything happens you have some basic information about what you’ve been studying to revise from!



  • Set goals –

Nobody ever felt like they spent their time well without setting goals.  This does not, I repeat DOES NOT mean you have to do anything complicated, it just means that you need to make a list and tick it off!   Start by making a list of all the homework you haven’t done yet, then one by one tick them off as you complete them – once you get used to doing this, you feel encouraged to make lists about lots of other things!  You could even make this list on your tablet or iPad!  Planning and being organised does not have to be boring, you simple have to do it.



  • Aim high.

Pretty self explanatory, really. Just something positive which I wanted to include.



  • Plan it all.

Planning is not the most fun subject for many people, however it is imperative for students these days.  If you turn up on time to class, if you never forget a piece of homework, if you practice those keywords,  you will see results and you’ll be making ticking all the boxes with your tutors.    If you would read a post about how to plan (the easy and no-frills way) leave me a comment down below!


  • Get a killer soundtrack –

Arguably the most teenage sounding point on the list, but one of the most helpful ones.  Get a soundtrack, find a single song that you love and that gets you feeling energetic and motivated!  Once you know which song that is, play it whenever you need to do something productive!  For some this might be the soundtrack to the superman movie, for others it’s classical music.  If It makes the task more fun, It’s worth doing!   You could even race yourself and see if you can get it done before the end of the song!  Let me know below what your productivity song is!  Mine is ‘Maps’ by Maroon 5!



  • Find a way to study that suits YOU

Out of all the things I’ve learnt over the years of being homeschooled, self taught and at college, this one is the key.  If you are finding class boring, intensive or a chore – you are not going to do well.   It doesn’t mean that you’ve picked the wrong subject, it simply means that you’ve tried a method of studying and it hasn’t worked.  There’s nothing wrong in this, but you need to be proactive and do something about it  before you get too far behind.  Talk with your tutor, ask him/her of other ways she can help and put in the effort to brainstorm what would work for you!


Hope you enjoyed that and found it helpful!  Which tip did you like best?



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