What to keep in your college emergency kit – The prepared student – Pumpkins and Planners

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So over the past few weeks of the holidays I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest (big surprise!) and I have specifically been looking up what to keep in my rucksack for college, as I am a ‘have it all and the kitchen sink’ kind of gal 😅

I am one of those people who is known for always having everything.  When I say everything I mean everything, hair bobbles, plasters, spare pencils, even spare makeup.   I like to be prepared for all events when I’m out and I think I could live out of the supplies I have in my rucksack for a good few days without having to go without!  If you are a girl like me who likes to be prepared for every opportunity, or are trying to become a ‘have it all girl’ this is the post for you.


Rather then carrying a separate bag full of my supplies, I like to fill the front pocket of my rucksack with them.  Of course depending on the style of your bag you may choose to use a separate makeup bag which sits inside – this is perfectly awesome too.    If you’d like more information about my exact rucksack, please check out the ‘What’s in My Backpack for College 2017 and Some thrifted finds!’ video over on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

Below I will show you specifically what I have in the front pocket of my bag:

1. Wet ones – because college can be a very sticky germy place!.

2. Hand sanitiser – again, germs, sticky tables, refectory -Ew!

3. Mints – I like to have Tic Tac’s or Polo’s.


4.  Tissues – Because in the expert words of Ashley from www.ashleybrookenicholas.com ‘Not a day goes by that I don’t sneeze, cry, or smear my makeup.  These come in handy for all three situations’.  Couldn’t have said it better myself!

5.  Hair tie – Always useful, rarely available!

6.  Sunglasses – Because autumn/winter sunshine in the UK can be more blinding then summer sunshine!

7.  Fragrance roller – Sometimes it nice to have a scent refresh during the day.

8. Lip balm –  I suffer from the worlds driest lips anytime I’m in class.  Therefore lip balm is a must!

9. Bobby pins – For some reason, these are one of the most in demand things that I am always asked for at college.

10. Plasters – Whether it be rubs from shoes or paper cuts, it is always a good idea to have plasters with you.  I liked the fact that these ones came in a tin for hygiene.  I am aware that they are ‘Little Miss Hug’… Don’t judge 😉

11.  Hand Cream –  Over autumn and winter your hands become very dry, so it’s nice to have hand cream nearby.

12.  Coin purse –  It’s always handy to have some coins to use in the refectory (and at Starbucks) when I’m studying.  Therefore a coin purse is a must.  This one is from Claires and smells like doughnuts!

Other things not pictured:

Medication –  You may want to include some meds for headaches, etc..

Reading glasses/Cleaning cloth – Don’t forget to add both of these in.

Nail File – Nails always break at the most annoying of times, have a nail file with you to avoid this nuisance.


I hope this post has inspired you to put together your own ’emergency bag’.  Whether you are a student at college or you work at a store , you’re always going to need a few key supplies on you in your bag, so why not gather them together right now!?  That way you’ll probably always be pretty prepared for whatever life throws in your direction 🙂

If you want even more inspiration for what to carry in your emergency bag, check out this lovely girls post over on her blog by clicking here.

Is there anything I missed out?  What do you carry in your bag? Leave me a comment down below and I might add it to the list!


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