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Hey readers,

I hope your having a great day today wherever you are!  I am on early summer break now so I’ve been making an effort to read all of the books which have been on my reading list for *beyond a few months* – one of which has been ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon!

I am a true nerd who loves reading.  When I say a nerd,  I mean the sort of person who practically drools over the YA section in Waterstones and who stalks the Instagram and Pinterest community in search of my must – read.

Now I must admit that in recent years there have been a plethora of YA books, all claiming to be the most awesome read since ‘sliced bread’ coming out onto the market at the speed of light!   Dystopian novels (my favourite genre I must add)  have been practically bursting from the shelves of bookstores nationwide, but unfortunately many of them are just straight copies of other popular books and the writing quality can be poor…   I feel like its important to emphasise that we don’t want to read the same book again and again in different words!  We want something new and unique that we can truly get our ‘teeth into’!


Understandably then, taking into consideration all of the above I was a little dubious when I first heard about ‘Everything, Everything’ by Nicola Yoon.  The concept of the story intrigued me… But I wondered if the book was going to be able to truly deliver the characters separate quirky personalities.  I was worried it may be somewhat like ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ by John Green and I frankly wondered if I had the emotional stability to read it after TFIOS !    Nevertheless, I picked up the last copy available in my local Waterstones and decided to give it a try, bracing myself just incase it ended like TFIOS.   😀


This was a little over 48 hours ago… When I like a book, I read it.  FAST.


So before I go any further let me just fill you in…  ‘Everything, Everything’ is a YA bestseller which is now being turned into a movie (I believe it comes out in cinemas soon).   The main protagonist of the story is Madeline, a 17 year old girl with a chronic illness (see why I was drawn to it!?) which prevents her from going outside, as she is effectively ‘allergic’ to the world.   As a result, she has not ever left her custom built air controlled house and only has contact with her Mum, nurse and the occasional homeschool tutor whom she speaks to via Skype.  Although Maddy does not come across as sick in her daily living, the chapters explaining how ill she becomes after certain activities say otherwise, such as when she develops night sweats or collapses.  She had resigned herself to the life she has and doesn’t see anyway for it to change.  Then a boy called ‘Olly’ moves in next door and causes Maddy to reevaluate whats going on around her.   She soon realises how she can’t stand the way she is living forever and goes on a journey of discovering her own mind.

At first glance this might sound very ‘clichè’ and like a typical teenage romance, however it is not.  Nicola Yoon controls the reader in the most masterful of ways, she pulls you in, forces you to fall in love with the characters and then as quickly as you fall in love, massive events affect the characters and you cannot help yourself but read the next page… and the next… and the next, desperate to discover the ending.

‘Everything, Everything’ is not a soppy love story filled with ridiculous teenage daydreams.  It is a book filled with emotion, lessons, truly refreshing uses of vocabulary and a gripping main character.  The format of this book is both enchanting and fun, frequently switching between normal passage of text, to handwritten notes, to instant messages.   Oh and I have to mention the ending – it is quite something I can assure you!     I was so absorbed into EVERY page of this book that I didn’t even realise I had read the last page – I innocently flicked over the page thinking there was more  and was shocked to discover ‘THE END’ which sent chills down my spine as it was left on a bit of a cliffhanger!


This book is going down as my favourite so far this year and it would take quite something to take it off the top of my list!  If you do anything this summer, READ this book!  It can’t fail to please!


Leave me a comment below if you’d like me to review the movie when it is released?  What books do you have on you reading list that you’d like me to review?


Have a good one!


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