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On today’s post I’ll be sharing my top five makeup products of all time!  I would like to make it clear that I am in no way sponsored to do this post and all opinions are my own.  Please leave me a comment down below to let me know what your favourite products are or if you have tried anything I have mentioned below!


1. Seventeen eyeliner

Liner, oh, liner!  How I love art thou! (can you tell  I’ve  been studying!?).  I have tried pretty much every reasonably priced felt tip liner going… from Rimmel to Maybelline, W7 to Scandeleyes.  All of the which  lasted no longer then 2 weeks before drying out and I didn’t like how they looked even when they were supposedly working.  If I buy a liner in ‘blackest black’ that is the colour I expect, not ‘greyish grey’!

I was starting to doubt how I was going to acheive my ideal Audrey Hepburn liner dreams, until that is, I found Seventeen.

The Seventeen ‘Make your Mark’ precision liner pen is THE GREATEST LINER on a budget in my opinion (I say that as I’m sure the Dior liner is good too, but I haven’t actually ever had the funds to buy it!).   You can buy it in Boots for £7.99 (sometimes less) and it lasts for ages.  3 months or more!  And, when you use it… it is BLACK!   Everytime!

2.  Seventeen matte radiance CC cream in ‘Light’ 

Following the success of the liner I decided to try some more of the Seventeen range.  This CC cream is actually my latest addition from Seventeen and as usual I am impressed.  Up until now I had been using a Rimmel BB cream, but Rimmel had redesigned the packaging and I believe altered the ingredients, which coursed me to have severe break-out which I was not happy about.  I decided to go over to Seventeen and give their alternative a go, as I am now slightly nervous of Rimmel face products!

I have been using this CC cream for around a month and so far it has been excellent.  It hasn’t made my skin break out and It lasts well!

3. Sleek Makeup Blush/bronzer/highlighter palette

This pallete is ‘lit’ (this is my attempt at trying to be ‘hip’).

Seriously, this is genius!  All three vital makeup essentials in one palette!  No more having to buy and store each one separately.  This palette is great.   The blush is in a gorgeous rosy, fresh pink.  The bronzer is just the right tone to make you look ‘tan’ and not ‘mud’.  The highlighter makes you look sparkly! LOL   It’s awesome, I don’t know what more can be said about this palette really! 🙂

4.  Makeup revolution fixing spray

This fixing spray is fantastic.  Available at Superdrug,  this fixing spray is reasonably priced and lasts like glue.  I have combination skin and it doesn’t cause me to break out.  Quite on the contrary I think it helps control my blemishes and minimise them! If you wear makeup then you 100% need this product.  It’s just a no brainer.

5.   Seventeen ‘Easy on the eye’ palette in pink tones

Again, this one was a must have after finding an eyeliner that I actually liked – I of course needed an eyeshadow palette to accompany it!   Popular beauty bloggers such as Zoella have used this palette and absolutely love it.  My favourite combination of colours to use are 1.  Gentle pink (I apply this all over the eye.)  5. Cool rose (I apply this in the crease of my eye for some gentle definition).  7. Toasted almond (I apply this on the outer  side of my eyelid for some graduation of the colours. ).

(As you can see I really have ‘used’ this palette! The colours are great and match with most outfits.)

These are my all time favourite {+ reasonably priced} beauty essentials!   What are yours?  Have you ever bought a more expensive beauty product, just to find it wasn’t what you thought?  Leave me a comment down below – I’d love to hear!

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This post is in no way sponsored.  All opinions are my own and I purchased all products with my own money.