Five ways to save money as a teen – Pumpkins and Planners

Five ways to save money as a teen – Pumpkins and Planners

Hey friends,    Welcome back to my blog  It’s great to see you here!  On todays post I’m going to be sharing some tips which will hopefully help you to save / make money as a teenager.

I of course am no expert and I can only recommend the things I have tried and that have worked for me.   Some of these things may only apply to people living in the UK, however, most of the time they can be used in other countries too!

Leave me a comment down below if you have any other suggestions that I haven’t mentioned!


  • Sell unwanted items.

We’ve all done it.  We go out and buy something thinking its going to be fantastic and then we discover that actually, it isn’t as useful or as lightweight or as comfortable as we thought it was going to be.   Then what!?  Your stuck with an item that you don’t like or don’t need.  The answer? Why not sell it online! I use Ebay UK to sell unwanted items such as shoes or handbags.  Ebay is a really safe and reliable site in my experience to use to re-home any items that are no longer ‘you’…  Not only that, you might be able to make £10.00 or £20.00 out of something you don’t even use any longer!  Not bad 🙂


  • Shop in charity (thrift) stores/ find the lowest price on Ebay.

Charity shops can be a great source of cheap clothing items and accessories – which are almost always a fractio n of the RRP of the product.   This doesn’t mean you have to buy your grandmas knitted sweater and sensible shoes – frequently you can find new or barely used items from many modern shops, such as Topshop, american eagle and atmosphere!    Ebay is also a great source of new discounted/secondhand goods such as Converses, bags and even stationery! Every pound saved helps!


  • Do odd jobs.

This doesn’t  mean you have to go and cut the lawn or wash the car (although they can be good jobs!).  It can simple be that your parents need something time consuming done, such as cleaning an ornate object or listing an item they no longer want on Ebay ! Every £2 you make soon adds up and before you know it your savings account is filling up!

  • Shop in poundshops (such as Poundland, Poundworld, etc.)

I love poundshops and highly reccomend them to anyone working with a low budget.  Things like plain writing paper or black school pens can cost a lot of money in stationers or supermarkets so I like to get mine from places like Poundland.   Just because they are £1.00 doesn’t mean they are cheap or unbranded either!   I buy Bic pens from Poundworld and have even found Stabilo pens before!   Its always worth a look if you’re passing.  Trust me! This will really help you to save your money for the things that count!


  • Split packs…

I am going to let you into a little secret of mine… I like buying small gifts and presents for my friends, but of course even very small items can cost from £4.00 upwards and it makes it hard to have enough allowance spare for anything like this.  That’s why throughout the year I visit places such as Home Bargains, B&M Bargains and Pound stretcher and I pick up large packs of items cheaply.  For example, I recently bought a pack of branded mini shower gels in fun colours.  The set came in a pack of 5 for £2.99, so I split the pack between five girls along with a few other bits I had collected and they each had a lovely gift.   This just shows you don’t need to spend horrendous amounts of money on surprise gifts  for your friends… Believe me I’m as happy with a £1.00 bottle of shower gel as I am with a £5.00 bottle!  It’s the thought that counts after all!


That about ends my post!  I have covered my top 5 ways to save money as a teen – What are your tips?  Leave me a comment down below!


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