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Hey friends,

Welcome back to my blog for another post!

Today me and my family went on a ‘early springtime’ walk in the grounds of an historic English house ( its really nice that here in the UK we have so many old fashioned buildings which have amazing grounds and architecture!).  I thought you might like to see a few snapshots of our day and  my OOTD!


The very grand looking gates which were right at the entrance of the grounds (it felt so ‘Pride and Prejudice’ when we were walking along here 😆).  I am glad to say that the weather soon brightened up after I took this picture!

I of course had to stop to do a quick ‘Joules’ inspired OOTD whilst I was in the grounds!  I don’t why but I felt compelled to hold that branch which was dangling above my head 😂 I am always really bad a thinking of ways to stand for photos !

Incase you’re interested in what I’m wearing…

  • My coat and wellies are from Joules.
  • My striped shirt and jegging’s were both from TU at Sainsbury’s sometime ago.
  • My sweater was from a thrift store.

We even got to see these handsome looking deer up close – their antlers were amazing!  They have got used to seeing humans walking through the grounds so they have become relatively tame.  It was  amazing to see them up so close.

Last but not least my mum suggested me and my bring little brother catch a snap together with the grand house in the background for our scrapbook – so we did!   For those of you who don’t know, this is my cute little brother.  He loves jumping in muddy puddles and collecting sticks (hence the stick!)!  😉  Thanks mum for taking this picture – it turned out great!



I hope you enjoyed see some snapshots of my families little nature walk.

I’ve been on a ‘bloggerholiday’ (@sakaradee on Instagram came up with that name 😂) the past few weeks for one reason and another so I haven’t really been posting much as I’m sure you’ve noticed by my total lack of content!

However, you’ll be pleased to know that I have just had the news that I have a place at college, so as off the next couple of months I will be able to post an awful lot more !

I will from now on also be posting a lot of ‘quick’ posts like this one on my blog and youtube randomly – which means if you sign up to my email newsletter (on the left hand side of this page) you will receive an email every time I post and you won’t miss any of my content!  I have got some many fun new blog posts to make so stay tuned!   See your next time.


Hope you have a ‘springtastic’ week!


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