BIG NEWS: Pumpkin’s and Planner’s is now on YouTube!

Hi friends,


How are you all doing?  I’m sorry if i’ve left you wondering if I was every coming back!

I don’t want to bore you with the details of why I have been missing from my blog since 18th of October 2016 , so lets just say.. Life has got busy.  This time of the year is always my most hectic and this year was no exception !  But in my absence I have been thinking and working and planning (then drinking a huge cup of coffee and starting again!).  So after all this time I have some exciting news…


Pumpkin’s and Planner’s is going on YouTube*

(*in fact , by the time you’re reading this post , there will be already be several videos on my new channel!)


It has taken a while to set up and “get the hang” of filming and uploading – but thats mostly sorted now… So I can finally share this exciting news with you all!

Below are some of the  questions I have so far been asked about my new channel and their answers…

How often will you be posting on the new channel?

I hope to post once a week.

What will the new channel be called??

It will be called “Pumpkin’s and Planner’s” , the same as this blog… Call me sentimental , but I’ve become somewhat attached to the name!

What will your channel be about?

It will be about all the same things as my blog is.  Fashion/beauty and teen life.  I am also hoping to cover some aspects of college life once I start there in September 2017. 🙂

Will you still be on Instagram and Pinterest ?

Defintely !  My social links are below in case you’d like to follow me!

My new Twitter  : CLICK HERE

My Instagram  : CLICK HERE

My Pinterest  : CLICK HERE

I have a new video suggestion for you…?

Please could you email me at or leave me a comment on one of my Youtube video’s or on my social media.  Your suggestion will be considered 🙂 Thanks

My brand or company would like to collaborate with you?

That great to hear!  Please leave me a message on Instagram  or email me at  Thankyou so much for your interest!


Finally, the most important link of all.   The link to my new channel!  (click below)

Pumpkin’s and Planner’s on YouTube !!     (Click on the teal colour



I really hope you like my channel!


See you soon on YouTube.