Guest post: eatsleepandstudy’s top 5 study tips!

Hello everybody! I am Jess from eatsleepandstudy and Imali has let me write a post for you today!

Since I run a studyblr, I have decided to pass on some inspiration to you all and give you my top 5 tips for studying! I hope you find them useful and you can check out Imali’s post on my blog here!


This is honestly really key to get the best out of your studying and makes things much easier if you are revising in a place in which you feel comfortable. I used to revise downstairs and found I would constantly procrastinate and go to the kitchen and grab snacks and I would have the TV. I then asked whether I could have a study space in my bedroom which includes a massive desk with some plants on and I am next to the window so I have natural light coming through.

Creating a study space can also be so fun and you can personalise it to suit you. Decorating it with fairy lights or your favourite poster makes things feel more homely and comfortable so that you can do your work. However, your study space doesn’t have to be your bedroom or your Nan’s kitchen table, but can be elsewhere where you find relaxing. In school, I never go to the library because in our Sixth Form area, most people talk and I can’t work when there is talking or any kind of distraction, so I sit in the Common Room which is silent during lesson time and so it ensures I get my work done. Every one is different and your study space should resemble how you work – if you need noise to help you concentrate, then work somewhere like a cafe, or if you need somewhere, somewhere like a library or your bedroom would be perfect!

Having a study space you are comfortable with makes studying so much easier and you will perform better!!



Sometimes, students find that even though they are getting lots of work all the time, the real reason why they lack motivation or they feel tired all the time is because they aren’t getting much sleep, and not because they are always busy. Find the amount of sleep that you need – sometimes oversleeping is counterproductive and undersleeping is not going to do you any favours.

Testing how much sleep you need is a matter of trial and error. Try recording how you feel after a certain amount of sleep and work out whether you need more or less sleep based on the amount of sleep.

Another tip regarding sleep, try not to study at least an hour before you go to sleep or go on your phone because your brain will still be busy processing the information you are taking in and also the light from your phone or laptop will inhibit the ability for your body to shut down and allow you to sleep. Try relaxing for an hour or so before you go to sleep.

Eating healthy is also really important – BRAIN FOOD! Eating a healthy breakfast can really set you up right for the day, such as having a fruit and yogurt or some granola, rather than something chocolaty or full of fat. Having healthy food also puts you in the right mindset (lets face it, whenever most people eat healthy we all feel so proud of ourselves!) Natural foods contain lots of pure vitamins rather than processed and man-made ones which are more beneficial for our bodies. Eating healthy is key to ensuring your brain is working at its best to make you perform at your best.



You might have a specific way of working or you might have many different methods that work for you. Working in groups might be your optimum way to remember things and to study at your best but mindmaps and flashcards might be the best way for you to remember information. Before exams start, test out different techniques on what work for you.

Personally, I try everything going. Purely because it means I have gone through the information so many times that I remember things much easier. For psychology for example, I make notes before class, I then take notes in class, go over them with a highlighter after, make essay plans, write the essay and make flashcards, as well as teach friends and parents about what I have learned. I obviously don’t do all of this straight away but fit little activities here and there to make sure I keep things ticking over and therefore remember it better.

Find the methods that work for you to find how to perform at your best!



When I was much younger, I never engaged in lessons at all unless someone called my name out  and so therefore I had to answer, and whilst I got pretty good grades like this, I was never at my academic best. During Year 11 and throughout my time in Sixth Form, I participate all the time and must constantly annoy my teachers with my questions but this benefits me so much. Engaging in lessons and seminars means that you are much more engaged in the lesson and take things in so much easier. I get half of the things I say wrong in lessons sometimes, but as the saying goes ‘you learn from your mistakes’ comes into practice when this happens. You remember not what to say and what not to put and you learn the correct answer and so you can then go further and put this into practice.

Asking questions when you don’t understand something is always worth checking out, especially in lessons. Someone in your class might be wondering the same thing and your teacher will hopefully go through the content in a simpler way so you and everyone else have a better understanding and the more they have repeated it to you, the more you remember it.



Whilst studying is important, it is also really important that you have other things that you can do in your spare time. Finding that balance between how much studying and how much time of your other commitments you can manage is so important. It means you can have a life whilst your studying on the side and takes your mind off work all the time. Personally, I don’t follow this one enough and always have things I need to do for my a-levels. However, going out with friends for a coffee or going out with your parents or doing some exercise enables you to take your mind off work and have some fun and keep your mind and self healthy.


So, there they are! There are my 5 top study tips. There are obviously more study tips that I could recommend, but most of these aren’t how to study, but encouraging to adapt your life so that you can perform the best that you can and lead a life where you aren’t bogged down with study all the time.

I hope they were helpful! If you have any questions, you can always message me from the link here

Have a lovely day!

Jess, from eatsleepandstudy


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