How to get {reasonably!} organised – My top tips !

Hello everyone, long time no see !


It feels like i haven’t done a blog post in ages – sorry about that !  Since school started back i haven’t been able to do much more then Instagram shots ! But hey , i’m here now and thats all that matters ! What have i missed during my “time off” !?


Since everyone {Including me } seem be getting busier and busier as the new school routine sets in , i thought i’d share some of my tips to getting {and staying !} organised !



Two things i want to say before the rest of this post : 

  1. You can never have too many clear-out’s ! Even if you’ve just sorted through one of your rooms 3 months ago , i guarantee you’ll go back today and find more stuff to get rid off!  So go and have a look!


2.   Work around whichever room your wanting to sort out methodically!  Start at the door and work clockwise , making sure you don’t   miss any parts ! I normally sort a zone about the width of a coat hanger – When the first ones completed I start on the next !



Below is the “mental checklist” I run through when I start picking up items:


If its an object :

Do I use it ?

When did I last use it ?

Does it look good on display ?

Is it in good condition , or do I need to get a newer version?

Have I had enough of it ? {don’t throw this item in the bin unless its in very bad condition – give it to a charity shop or a friend instead !}


If its a piece of clothing :

Does it fit?

Does it have any holes or rips ?

Do I like it ? { don’t throw it away if you don’t want it anymore unless its in a bad state! Give it to a charity shop or friend }


Some top tips :

For the most part if you can’t fit the items into the container you have – you have too many.

Don’t keep things just because “someone gave them to you” or because “you bought them in a sale”.

Its sounds “cliché” but if the item doesn’t “bring you joy” don’t keep it !

Don’t feel bad about getting rid of things you don’t want or need ! You can always donate it to a friend or a charity shop and then someone else can get pleasure out of it  !  The saying is true “One mans junk , is another mans treasure”.


Living minimally doesn’t mean not having anything , it just means “simplifying your life” – So maybe for you that is having 1 of everything instead of two , or having what you need and only one box of extra stuff . Its down to you and what your comfortable with !   You’ll actually feel happier when you have less !


Tips to help you stay organised after the clear-out ! 

Make your bed everyday   – Its makes me feel 50X better knowing that my bed is made !

Tidy up any items on the floor every morning ! {This also helps avoid accidents)

Keep surfaces clear and easy to wipe – You’ll want to clean them more !

Make it fun ! Maybe put on your favourite song and see how much you can organise before it ends !


So thats just a little round up of some of my tips – let me know what you think in the comments below ! Whats your best tip?

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Disclaimer: I was not sponsored to do this post !