Back to School : Office space & desk reveal !

Hello everybody !

I hope you are all enjoying your school holidays and the chance to have a break from routine !   This post has been on my list to do for several months  – So its great to see it finally come together !

If your new here – Hi ! Welcome to my back to school blog series 2016 !  In this series i am going to be sharing  tips , ideas and motivation to get you ready and organized for going back to school or college !  If you’ve missed out on the first two posts of this series , you can Click here or  here to catch up !

At the beginning of every post during this back to school series i will be sharing a quote that will hopefully encourage you to start getting organised !

This weeks quote is


{Photo from @inspiredwomenperth’s Instagram }

– lets begin the post !


My office space


DA DAH!  This is the  “Mini office” in the corner of my bedroom .  I spend ALOT of my day in this space !

I recently got a new desk which i love so much ! My old one had seen much better days and needed a refresh .  This desk is from JYSK (click here) it’s currently on offer if you buy before 31/8/16 – So make sure you take a look!


This space works really well for me .   I have a nice clear place to lay out my binders and textbooks on , whilst still having all my supplies at hand !  The shelving unit next to my desk is where i keep almost everything desk related .   I use the 3RD shelf down as an expansion of my desk particularly because it’s almost the same height .   This helps keep everything only a short reach away !




I use the pinboard mainly to hang my physics equations and info on . However if i can fit it , i also attach quotes , stickers , post-its and picture’s!    {As you can see i have a Jason Bourne photo and some Passion Planner stickers up at the moment .. I’m going to keep adding more !} .     Do you know any great sites for free printables?   Let me know in the comments below !


On the left hand side of my desk i have my “Stationery station” .    I came up with this after wanting to have the bulk of my items within hands reach –  rather then having them hidden in a drawer !

This sits on my desk and has everything i need for basic school work.   If i have a project on i’ll get out extras such as glue and scissors !

Contents of my “Stationery station” :

Acriylic organizer from TK maxx


  • Sharpie permanent marker’s
  • Bic permanent metallic marker’s
  • Paperchase 36 pack of pencils in a tin
  • Shopkins 2 pack {Because they’re cute and look kawaii}
  • Paperchase “Purrmaids” mini calculator
  • Various pens and pencils {Staedtler , papermate inkjoy , frixion , etc..}
  • Nerd candy {Sometimes you need something to eat , while thinking!}
  • K&CO smash book paperclip  {He goes by many names such as  “Cute ugly guy” and ” Ron Swanson”! }
  • 3M Yellow sticky notes
  • An snack {Because school always makes me hungry !}
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • USB Memory stick


Desk Drawers :


Inside of my desk drawers :


Contents :

{From the left , top}

  • Rubbers / holepunch
  • Crayola Coloured pencils
  • Fiskars scissors
  • Pritt glue stick
  • Calculators  {Scientific and normal}
  • Bulldog clips / paperclips
  • Pins for pinboard
  • Emoji cloth {To wipe my desk as the glossy surface attracts dust }
  • Ring eraser
  • Highlighter pens
  • Portable battery



{from top left}



Ikea shelving unit :


Bookshelf – where some of my favourite books and latest reads are !

Reading list

  • The country diary of an edwardian lady by Edith holden
  • Far from the madding crowd by Thomas Hardy
  • The Martian by Andy Weir
  • Jean tours a hospital {1950’s style book}
  • Jean becomes a nurse {1950’s style book}
  • The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
  • Chris Hadfield – An astronauts guide to life on earth
  • Around the world in 92 minutes by Chris Hadfield


I am hoping to expand my book collection – Do you know of any good books ? Let me know in the comments !

{The owl candle is from Asda incase you’re wondering – But it’s far to nice to burn !}




Study  – Here i keep my textbooks and binders for school { and this pretty owl tealight holder from Asda / Headphones !}    Not the  most exciting , but very functional !





Planners –  This shelf is where the magic happens !

Its the same height as my desk so i use it like an extension of my work space .

Here i store :


 {Next weeks post will be showing what’s inside my planners !}



This shelf store’s some educational books , computer wipes and my binders for important paperwork .

The bottom of the unit has a plastic drawer stack in it  , which i store plastic pockets and maths supplies in {Not exciting!)



I have decorated the side of my unit  to hopefully  make it look a bit more “NASA” !   At the bottom i keep the majority of my “reminder” sticky notes { It encourages me to stick them here rather then all around my room ! } – Which helps me keep organised !


So i think we’ve just about covered everything desk related !  I hope you enjoyed my post and have drawn some inspiration for your “study space”! If you have time please take a picture of it and tag me on instagram !   Next week i will be showing you how i use my planners and stay on top of things !


I want to say a big thankyou to Paperchase for sending me these items to feature in this post !  Their new “Purr-maid’s” and “California Dreaming” ranges are the perfect extras for back to school ! Why not checkout their website to see the full ranges !?


Thankyou also to Passion Planner for sending me two Planners to share with you guys ! I’ll me showing them in more detail in next weeks post !


Have a great week! Todays a great day to start getting ready and organised for school !



(Thankyou so much for the 100 followers on instagram ! I’m thrilled !)  



I have been sponsored to feature some of the items in this post by Passion planner and Paperchase . I do not monetise from clicks on the links in my post .