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Hello everybody ,

Today marks the start of my new Back-to-school series on Pumpkins and Planners ! This series will run for the whole of august , Because this month marks the one year anniversary of me starting this blog !!


Every week i am going to be including a quote which will hopefully motivate you to get organized and motivated for the upcoming academic year !

This weeks quote is :

              It always seems impossible until it’s done

                                –  Nelson Mandela


Now onto the first area we’re going to be looking at – Bags !



Depending on how you do your studies depends on what type of bag you have ..  I do my studies from home , so i don’t always have to take my work with me everywhere.. However i do occasionally do my work at a place other then my house , So in that event i need to have everything with me in my bag !

So as you can see my bag is a satchel , i actually found it in a charity shop a few months ago !  The bag insides are split into three sections , which i find helpful for keeping my items where i need them to be .


This is how my bag looks for “everyday” outings . It isn’t even totally full yet and i have loads in it !



In the back pocket i am keeping my new Apple Macbook ! (And of course i was playing spotify when i took this picture !)  This is something that i have been saving for for ages and i am delighted to be able to have one ! I will be reviewing this soon – So keep looking on my site ! (I will also be linking where i got the awesome teal colour case from !)

My macbook fits perfectly into the back pocket . I like to leave it by itself , to save anything else damaging it .



In the wider middle compartment i keep (working from the far left ) :

  1. A small bag with my “wires and chargers” in (e.g. Apple charger , Beats headphones wire) – The bag is from Claire’s accessories
  2. My makeup bag – I keep plasters , wet wipes , Baby lips , ibuprofen , hand sanitizers and tissues in here .  –  The bag is from Boots .
  3. This hello kitty bag which my friend gave me stores a Victoria’s secret tote for putting my shopping in , as shops in the UK don’t give you free carrier bags any more .
  4. Next , i always like to carry a good book with me ! At the moment i’m reading “The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins” .
  5. My purse which is pretty self explanatory –   where i keeps me cash 🙂
  6.  My sunglasses.
  7. My phone (HTC desire 816 ) which i love ! If you need a new phone – Get HTC if you possibly can!  …     I bought and decorated the phone case myself .. (Check out this link to find out how you can decorate your phone case the same  !) .
  8. My Rose Gold Beats by Dre solo wireless2  headphones !


Apple is currently running a back to school offer , If you order a Macbook from them you get free wireless Beats in a colour of your choice !  (I couldn’t breath when i found out about this !! Its so exciting !!)  I will be reviewing them soon also !


In the “phone” pocket i keep my house keys and some more hand sanitizer (Because the pockets in most bags are  not big enough for my huge phone !



Last but not least , in the front compartment of my bag i keep my “Midori” (It “Travels” with me !)

Thats a basic summary of what i keep in my bag for everyday trips ..

If i need to take my GCSE work with me , i take out extra items such as the book and shopping tote . I put my binder in the middle section with my laptop still in the back and then i take my planners (more about them soon) in the front pocket .  I also “bung” in a pen , bottle of water and highlighter – Then i’m all set !

It may seem like i carry a lot with me – Which i do , but i believe its better to be over prepared then underprepared! One of my favourite quotes is



I definitely think this applies to your handbag – Because its better to know you have plasters in your bag when you have a rub – Then think “Oh no!”  “I haven’t brought any plasters , i’ll have to hobble ” ! .    When it comes to your bag “more is more ” i believe !

What do you have in your bag ? Let me know in the comments below !

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The next back-to-school post will be on tuesday next week !

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