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When I first bought my Converse’s the rubber sole was sparkling white , However after wearing them out the house a few times I started to realise that the soles were looking grubby .   I tried wiping them off with a damp cloth , but the mud was marking the colour of the rubber . With all this in mind I took to google search !


(Left one cleaned – Right one still dirty)

One of the most popular ways to clean them was by soaking them in a bucket of bleach ! I didn’t like this idea much for the following reasons :

  1.  My Converse’s have a print of the statue of liberty on them .. I was worried that the pattern will get messed up by the bleach .
  2. I would try to use bleach as little as possible , because it is a harsh chemical .
  3. It would make my Converse’s smell .
  4. Its a massive job to soak them and let them dry … They get dirty after around 7 wears , that means i’ll have to do all this once a month !

There had to be a better way !? Then I suddenly thought of something which I had on hand ….


Erase away – Non toxic – No mess – Magic sponge !

These can be bought from most poundshops … (I bought mine in home bargains)

I know what you’re thinking – These are for kitchen tiles and work surfaces ? !  No , actually they can be used on virtually any surface apart from fabric !  They are very cheap and don’t hurt the environment!


(how they looked before being cleaned )

You simply dampen them and start rubbing ! After a lot of use the sponges crumble to nothing and that’s when you start a new one !  This method of cleaning also gets right into the pattern and detail of the rubber sole , which tends to collect mud and dirt !


The very top picture on this post is the finshed result ! Gleaming white !  I think this is definitely a better method then using bleach !

What do you think?  Do you have any tips for keeping your Converse’s looking their best ? Leave me a comment below – I will reply!


As you may have noticed I am no longer going to exclusively post on Tuesdays ! I will post whenever I am able – Tuesday or otherwise !


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