Teen Girl Tuesday : Teen charity shop (thrift store) haul June 2016

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Oh its so nice to be back ! I’m sorry I have been so sporadic/missing in action recently ! I have been ill and unable to do much at all ! But now I am recovering and am going to get back to blogging weekly !

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So this week I went thrift store shopping to a charity shop which is “fairly” local to us and is absolutely massive  !  That’s what I call a win/win situation in the world of thrifting !! ;D


The first item I found was this teal anchor print top from Papaya by Matalan . It was £3.00 which is a bargain !


Most of the items I bought are more for the autumn/winter seasons as I always like to buy for the season ahead !

This stripy jumper is from TU by Sainsbury’s .  I think this is probarbly brand new / worn once !  This was £4.00 and will look great with a pair of leggings and UGG boots come the autumn time!




This is one of my favourite finds from the whole haul ! This was a bargain at £2.00 !  I have already worn it once and I can tell I will be wearing it again many times this year !


(even it’s tag is a piece if art in itself !)



I  found this heart shaped cushion which was £2.99 – It looks great on my bed ! (More about my new bed coming soon!)


This hoodie top again is by Papaya @ Matalan . I really like this because the lining is furry and soft to help keep you cosy!


Another awesome find was this orange “dogstooth” print jumper which was originally from Hobbs London ! I got this for the bargain price of £4.50 ! (It’s rather hard to photograph unless you’re wearing it !)


Lastly , I found this “R” top , which I love because it looks really college student /preppy . I can totally imagine wearing this with the sleeves  rolled and a shirt underneath !

That’s all the bits I found ! Which is your favourite ?

What have you found in your local charity shop recently ? Leave me a comment below , i’d love to hear !

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Have a great week everyone !

Imali 😀