DIY TRIED AND TESTED : DIY Phone case decoration 2 Comments

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I hope everyones ok and enjoying the weekend!

Today i thought i’d do a surprise extra blog post for you¬†!( As last week we missed out on Teen Girl Tuesdays ,due to the blog not working ūüôĀ¬† )

This a DIY that i have “tried and tested” this week … Its from a lovely lady called Natalie’s creations ¬†on youtube , She does all sorts of nail art/ crafts /hauls ¬†and this video in particular caught my eye:¬†DIY Gold Polka Dotted Wallet Phone Case using Nail Polish – Natalie’s Creations¬†.

I had just recently bought a phone case on Ebay in “pink” and i was looking for a way to jazz it up .. I thought the idea was really interesting and i was eagar to give it a go !

I followed the steps as closely as possible with the¬†supplies i had – and using tape if you’ve run out of hole re-enforcements definitely works !

Here’s my results !


(Sorry¬†this¬†picture won’t turn around ! )


(YAY ,I convinced one picture to turn around !)

Yes, I know there are air bubbles under the case itself – but thats okay i don’t ¬†mind and to be honest looks far worse in these pictures !

Aside from all that you can see how lovely the spots came out !

Natalie’s video is excellent – super easy¬†to follow and its a DIY that actually Works ! I am super pleased with the results !


Make sure that you head over to Natalies channel ¬†and subscribe¬†!¬†(Don’t forget to like her phone case video aswell ! )

If you try out this DIY why not post a picture on Instagram (tagging me and Natalie) ?


I will be continuing¬† “Teen Girl Tuesday ” blog posts from this week¬†– Hopefully¬†the blog issues are sorted now !

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