Teen Girl Tuesday : My top 5 supplies for planning ..

hi ,

I Hope everyone is doing well ! What a busy couple of weeks its been ! I can’t believe the Instagram challenge has finished already ! Those 11 days seem to have flown by !   Because spring is right around the corner , i figure its the perfect time to “spring clean” your planner ! So without further ado – The first of afew planner posts which will be coming over the next few months …


First up is this Cosmetic bag , which i bought a few days ago from my local Superdrug .. It was around £4.99 and its the right size for my planner !

I highly recommend a “planner bag ” for anyone who likes to decorate and regularly update the contents of there agenda … Its not an new idea , but it definitely is a help full one !

I like to keep all the below items in my planner bag !


Secondly , PLANNER BANDS !! These things are the best thing since sliced bread !

They easily slide around most size planners and keep everything together (which is important when your diary has many notes , todos , lose papers , etc … in ! ) .

The zebra print one is from Wilko – they actually give you two in a pack , but i gave one to a friend for her planner : ) I think they were £69p for 2 !

The other was actually meant to be a headband i think ! It was from Clares Accessories a few years ago ..


Thirdly , Pens !

Not much need be said about pens  other then they’re a total necessity and there BRILLIANT ! My are STAEDTLER triplus fineliners (available at Staples) and Sainsburys own brand highlighters ! (they are my favourite highlighters ever !)


Next is sticky notes !

Again an absolute necessity for you agenda ! They come in the coolest different patterns /prints and i love them !

Mine are from (in order from the left) :

Martha stewart home office from Staples

Speech bubbles from wilko

“semikolon;” lined sticky notes from TKMaxx

3M full adhesive sticky notes from The Works

Pop art sticky notes from The Works

Snowman sticky notes -sorry i don’t remember where these were from!


And finally ,

Notepads !


Brilliant for working alongside your planner !

(from Sainsburys)

Thanks for looking ! See you next week!


Disclaimer : i was not sponsored to do this post in any way .