Teen girl Tuesday : Teen Organization challenge ! *CLOSED*

Hi everyone ,

This weeks post is going to be very exciting! It’s a challenge that all of you can be involved in !

So take a look below to find out all the details that you need to know !


The challenge will last for 15 days – It will take place on Instagram .

How to take part :

Go follow me on Instagram !

My username is Pumpkinsandplanners_imali

All you need to do is take a picture of your newly organized space (you could even do a before and after if you’d like ! ) and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #papblogchallenge !

At the end of the challenge I will pick one person and give them a shoutout over on my Instagram !

Everyday I am going put a picture on Instagram of that days challenge and how I applied it in my space – of course everyone’s living space is different , So if you don’t have one of the spaces/items listed , Be creative and show another space that you have organized !

Although i’m calling this a teen challenge – It could be for anyone of any age – you’ll just need to customize it to your liking !

Remember to put that  hashtag so I can find you !

Have fun ! Head over to my Instagram right now to see the first challenge !