About me:

Hey there,  I’m Imali, a sixteen old virtual assistant and student who’s studying I.T. at college in the UK.  I have a love for all things blogging and tech and I really love posting on social media.   I’m one of those people whose continually trying out new things and starting new hobbies.

Over the past few years since I’ve made Pumpkins and Planners,  I have tried many different methods of blogging.  I’ve used social media, YouTube, vlog-type videos and obviously, the traditional method which you are on now, WordPress.  In the end, I’ve found that no one of these platforms is right for me all the time, so I like to go between them!

I love binge watching Grey’s anatomy and listening to music on Spotify (but, definitely not at the same time!).  I have a huge love for science, particularly physics and biology and I am obsessed with NASA and ESA.  I do have several chronic health conditions which I have to try to keep in check.  This means that sometimes I’m not able to do all the things I’d like, but I try hard not to let it stop me!    I am a nerd and avid movie fan.  I have watched The Martian more then 20 times (shh don’t tell ;D).  I also love reading dystopian books, so if you have any good recommendations, do tell!

Sometimes I will write three blog posts in an hour, other times I will write one in a month.  It all depends on how the creative streak hits me, so if you don’t hear from me for a awhile just assume I’m busy planning more posts!   I try my to keep this blog interesting and authentic, however, I always appreciate post suggestions!    I try to fill my blog with happy thoughts, good vibes  and ramblings of life that I like to hope people {occasionally} read!  Spam or hateful comments will not make it to the site as they will be deleted, so please send only friendly messages!

As I mentioned above, I am also a Virtual Assistant.  As you can imagine this keeps me pretty busy, but I wouldn’t stop doing it for anything!  I enjoy helping people achieve their business goals and manage their busy lives!  If you want to find out more please visit my other website by clicking here.

Have any questions?  Email me at: pumpkinsandplanners@gmail.com


About my blog:

I started my blog way back in 2015, as a way of connecting with my friends and getting to practice I.T. and web design.

Whilst I’m still very much a beginner in the world of website and blog design,  I feel my blog has grown well and is starting to look a bit more professional compared to the first draft I ever made!

Over the years I have been sponsored by many major companies, including Maybelline New York , Paperchase, Yorkshire linen, Passion Planner and Hey Little Magpie.  I really love working alongside companies on these types of posts and hope to do more of this kind of work in the future!  If you’d be interested in sponsoring me, please send me an email at: pumpkinsandplanners@gmail.com.


Where to next?

If you’re a new visitor to my site, feel free to head to my archives to see a full list of all my posts or choose one of the tabs at the top of the page and explore!  If you have any questions or just want to say hi please drop me an email at pumpkinsandplanners@gmail.com !  You can also keep in touch with me via any of the social media platforms listed below where I usually post every few days!